Asia Adventures - Cultural tours and adventures in Central Asia

Asia Adventures - Cultural tours and adventures in Central Asia


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Join-in tours to Uzbekistan 2014-2015

CUZ 01. Classic UzbekistanCUZ 01. Classic Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan, 8 days
from $680

CUZ 03. Uzbekistan - Oriental Fairy TaleCUZ 03. Uzbekistan - Oriental Fairy Tale
Uzbekistan, 7 days
from $630

EXP 04. Muztag-Ata peak (7546m), Kun-Lun.  Fixed datesEXP 04. Muztag-Ata peak (7546m), Kun-Lun.
Fixed dates

Chinese Xinjiang, 25 days
from $2950

WELCOME to Central Asia!!!

Dear traveller!

      You have just logged on the "Asia Adventures" web-site. Welcome to explore!

      "Asia Adventures" is an Uzbekistan-based private-owned company operating in the field of tourism under the license #318-07 issued by the National Company of Uzbekistan "Uzbektourism".
We offer our clients a full range of tourist services that we deliver throughout Uzbekistan as well as the whole region of Central Asia (including Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Chinese Xinjiang (West China).

      "Asia Adventures" enjoys well-established business ties with all most popular hotels in Uzbekistan.
The Companys own fleet (including a coach, a bus, a number of minivans and cars) as well as well-trained and experienced tour-operators, certified guides and professional drivers allow high quality, efficiency and reliability of tour programmes both in terns of organization and going of tours. Our professional staff ensures prompt response to and successful resolution of any questions that may arise with our clients in the course of the tour.

      "Asia Adventures" can organize and conduct for you tours as follows:

bus tours through ancient cities of Uzbekistan (Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Shakhrisabz, Termez, Fergana valley) and Central Asia (Pendjikent, Khodjent, Turkestan, Kunya-Urgench, Mari, Osh, Uzgen and etc.);
incentive-tours, business-tours, VIP-tours;
conferences, seminars, presentations;
trekking, biking, equestrian horse tours in the Pamir and Tian-Shan mountains;
climbing expeditions to the seven-thousander peaks (Lenin Peak, Khan-Tengri Peak, Communism Peak (Somoni Peak), Korjenevskaya Peak, Pobeda Peak, Muztag-Ata Peak);
active weekends in the mountains (cycling, quadra-cycling, horseback riding, hiking, trekking, mountaineering, mountain skiing, scootering and yachting);
corporative picnics and team-building programmes;
camel-safari in the Kyzylkum Desert;
tours to the Aral Sea area;
helisking (heliboarding) tours;
speleo tours.

Tours of the season
(January 2015, February 2015)

CUZ 01. Classic Uzbekistan
CUZ 01. Classic Uzbekistan

Cultural tours

CUZ 02. All Uzbekistan
CUZ 02. All Uzbekistan

Cultural tours

TBU 01. Teambuilding in Uzbekistan
TBU 01. Teambuilding in Uzbekistan


SKU 01. Ski resorts Chimgan and Beldersay
SKU 01. Ski resorts Chimgan and Beldersay

Ski resorts

HSU 01. Heliski (heliskiing), heliboarding in Uzbekistan
HSU 01. Heliski (heliskiing), heliboarding in Uzbekistan


HSK 01. Heliski (heliskiing), heliboarding in Kyrgyzstan. Western Tien-Shan
HSK 01. Heliski (heliskiing), heliboarding in Kyrgyzstan. Western Tien-Shan


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