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Gaurdak is located in the foothills of Kugitang-Tau ridge, in the very east of Turkmenistan. These mountain places, which abound with sulfur and polymetals deposits, are amazingly beautiful. They contain many gorges, waterfalls and cave complexes.

The Kugitang preserve is located on the boundary with Uzbekistan, Khodjapil plateau. It is a pride of the country. Here the famous "dinosaurs plateau" is located at a height of 2 500 m. One-and-a-half hundred traces of these prehistoric animals are discovered here. It is assumed that 150 million years ago in Jurassic period the plateau was the bottom of shallow lagoon, along which the dinosaurs passed, leaving their tracks forever as occurred. By the way, next to the tracks of Jurassic monsters the mysterious tracks of men or anthropoid essences were discovered.

Here it is possible to see the highest point in Turkmenistan вАУ Ayribaba peak (Ayra-Baba, 3139 m), Um-Bar-Depe immense canyon with waterfalls with a height of 28 m, unique Kaynar-Baba thermal source, Kyrk-Kyz canyon and numerous karst caves.

Natural country sights include: Kara-Bogaz-Gol bay, ancient Uzboy river bed, famous Karluk caves on the west slope of Kugitang-Tau ridge, ancient mud volcano Boyadag (13 km from Dakhistan), steep slopes of Big Balkhan (900 m height), the colony of fresh-water crabs in Chalsu source in Small Balkhan, ancient pistachio forests in Kopet-Dagh preserve, Badkhyz basin and the unique Er-Olayn-Duz cavity surrounded by 300- meter clay precipices, almost totally occupied by salt lake and alkali soils, among which the low, but picturesque cones of the ancient volcanoes rise.

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