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Tours by type of tourism

Tours by type of tourism

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Cultural tours..
Last few years, eco-tourism is becoming increasingly popular form of tourism and recreation in the world. There are many definitions of ecotourism. Many scientific theses were defended on this fashionable topic. There is a simple and convenient definition ..
Trekking is one of the most interesting kinds of active and cognitive tourism at countryside. Nature of Central Asia provides unlimited trekking facilities. There are situated highest summits of Pamir and Tien-Shan, whose peaks beyond the clouds reach a..
Hiking in Uzbekistan..
The centers of ski and recreation in Uzbekistan are the ski resorts and Beldersoy and Chimghan which are in the mountains of South-West Tyan-Shan in Ugam Chatkal National Park, only 80 km from the capital of Uzbekistan - Tashkent. Unfortunately, at the ..
Horseback riding..
Mountaineering and expeditions..
Big Wall climbing..
Heliski / heliboarding- one of the types of ski relax, extreme freeride and using helicopter for rising of skiers/snowboarders for rowing and passing, peaks, from where realizing a descending on virgin snow. In Central Asia heliski is cultivated almost ..
Jeep and off-road tours..
Cycling is a fascinating , useful and mobile kind of tourism. Uzbekistan, having an interesting historical monuments and wonderful nature, is a nearly perfect place for biking and cycling. Biking in Uzbekistan is: - biking in cities and historical..
Camel riding..
Uzbekistan is: - oriental hospitality and goodwill, exotic, abundance of noisy and picturesque markets; - warm stable weather-10 months a year; - hotels, restaurants, night bars with national colour and European level of service; - fine opportunities..

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